Eynsham and Oxford SEO Services

Here at E&O we are deeply imbedded in our community, we offer local Search Engine optimisation for business in and around Eynsham and the Wider Oxford Area.

If you want your business website to attract more traffic, that’s more prospective buyers for your products and services please reach out to us.

If you are unsure what SEO (search engine optimisation) is then let us try to explain it very simply to you.

SEO is the process used to rank your website higher on Google for any given words or phrases, known in the industry as Keywords that you choose.

Choosing your Keywords is difficult it is a balancing act but should largely be driven by the words you think your ideal customer might use when trying to fin information of the products, services or information you are offering.

SEO is about making your site been seen by the search engines as the most relevant and authorities place on the internet to provide that information.

If done correctly and with a little patients good SEO can help you see more sales from your website and greater bran exposure.

SEO is always a balancing act between what you would like to rank for and the level of power and trust your website has gained.

Put yourselves in the shoes of a company like Google for many searches they will have many thousands of people all trying to rank for the same kind of keywords. Why should Google demote some of these businesses from their rankings to put your business in that coveted place ideally on the first page of Google?

Over time Google has sent visitors to the sites that are ranking and they have analysed things like how long they spend on their sites to see if the site is giving the kind of information the searcher wanted.

For good SEO to work you need to be trusted by Google and to be providing better more insightful content than competition sites.

Thus trust comes over time and is reinforced by the number of other highly relevant sites that refer to your content and provide backlinks from their websites to yours.

Many people think SEO is a black art where we try to game Google to get rankings, here at Eynsham and Oxford SEO this is not the case.

We instead try to give Google exactly what it is looking for to raise our clients sites up through the rankings until our clients websites appear on the first page of Google for the search terms they wish to rank for.