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Mike Weller's memories

I lived in Eynsham from birth in 1937 until we moved to Oxford in 1949.

My mother and father were Bill and Dot Weller and we lived at 3 Newland Street.

I clearly recollect Burden the blacksmith, Bill Sawyer's shop, Stephen Flynn who was evacuated during the war (I have seen his letter on your website.) I recollect Jess the milkman coming round on his milk tricycle and issuing the milk by means of proper measures.

Our near neighbours were the Drewitts - I understand Robert was the landlord of the White Hart at sometime - Timothy Webb, whatever happened to him? Paul Power, Alan Roberts and many others. Jack Douglas and his father lived next door and Mr. and Mrs. Evans the other side. Bill the hurdy gurdy man, the Barkers and Tem Hawtin also lived in our row of cottages. I am still in touch with Ken Hawtin from time to time. My mother was a great friend of Blanche Smith and her husband Jack. I know their daughter Margaret, who became Mrs.Hedges is still about.

Mike Weller