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the Eynsham Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement is a major bit of work about Eynsham and its future. It's a real mine of information, ideas and pictures. A huge amount of effort has gone into it, and it's well worth having a look at. The final version is still being negotiated with the West Oxfordshire District Council, so regard this version as a draft. We will put up the final agreed version as soon as it's available.

It's quite a big document (40 pages), with quite a lot of photos and maps (40), so it takes quite al long time to open. If you want, you can download all or any of it onto your computer, so that you don't have to go or stay on line to read it. Similarly you can print out any or all of it.

You can view the map of the village without opening the whole document. It shows things like the Thames floodplain, the Conservation Area, and the various phases during which bits of the village were built,

You need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view it. If you haven't got Adobe Acrobat already, you can download it for free.

Click here to view the Village Design Statement
Click here to view the Village map