GreenTEA's Green Travel Group

Why is green travel important ?

Transport accounts for about 1/4 of the average UK person’s carbon emissions and relies primarily on oil, so is important in tackling both climate change and peak oil. This does involve us thinking about transport differently and reducing our current reliance on the car. There are strong financial reasons to change our transport habits too: well over 90% of transport today relies on oil-based fuels, prices of which are currently rising rapidly.

The Group

In the Green Travel Group, we are exploring ways that transport can be made more environmentally friendly while allowing us to still travel as we would like to (as far as possible). For example, the group has:
1. Ran a successful cycle maintenance workshop in April 2011
2. Contributed to the district's popular Green Travel Map and the individual Eynsham map
3. Advised where cycle parking should go in Eynsham and local areas (soon to be installed in the village)
The Group is currently looking at more cycle maintenance workshops, the possibility of a local car club and lobbying to get a cycle route between Farmoor and Botley.

If you are interested in any area of our work, joining the group, helping out at events or just want to learn more about what you can do to travel green, please contact Nicholas Goodwin - tel 460 188.

What can you do ?

Small changes can make a difference. You could try to use the train or bus more often or build up your local cycling and walking where possible - see Green Travel Map for local info. You can use Cyclestreets to plot a route by bike - or, to get from A to B by public transport, check Traveline.

If you drive.... drive greener, consider what car to buy and alternative technologies out there - find advice and help here.

Air travel is very bad for carbon emissions so consider braving the great British weather and holidaying more locally where you can. Or by train or ship! - click here for a helpful site.

More information

Click here for general information on green travel in West Oxon including the popular Green Travel Map.

Click here for detailed information on fuel efficient driving, cars to buy and other useful info - or here.