Carbon Footprinting Service

GreenTEA is operating a programme to help people in Eynsham and the surrounding area to get their Carbon Footprint measured. It is based on a successful programme in West Oxford.

Why get your footprint calculated?
Climate change means we all face an uncertain future. As global temperatures rise, increasingly extreme and erratic weather will result in increased flooding, droughts and disruptions to food supplies. As dwindling stocks of fossil fuels are depleted, energy prices will rise and energy security will become a growing issue.

By understanding your carbon footprint, you can discover how you are adding to this problem, and crucially, what action you can take to reduce your contribution to climate change. Reducing the energy you use will also help bring down your fuel bills.

How is you footprint calculated ?
By asking for information about your home, transport and lifestyle choices over the past 12 months, we use a Calculator to build up a comprehensive picture of your household’s annual carbon footprint. In a year's time, you'll be able to see whether you have reduced it.

We include activities relating to everyone in your household, except emissions those directly attributable to your work.

Although Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the key greenhouse gas, our calculator also factors in other greenhouse gases such as methane, and presents the results as a CO2 "equivalent"

How does the calculator we use differ from other calculators?
It provides you with a detailed breakdown showing which areas of your life are creating the most carbon. Armed with this information you can focus your carbon-busting actions at the areas where you can have the biggest impact. It gives you instant results - complete with pie-chart and comparisons with everyone else in Britain and everyone else in the world.

How do I book a session?
GreenTEA's carbon footprinting service is free to anyone in the Eynsham Area.
To book a session, please contact Adrian Moyes on 464 021 or e-mail.
We will arrange a home visit. The session takes about an hour. Results are available instantly.