GreenTEA's Virtual Book Library

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Virtual Book Library

Anderson, W. Green up! environmentally friendly home improvements - Debbie

Berry, W. The Gift of Good Land - Amanda

Blackmore, Stephen, Gardening the Earth - Ros

Boyle, G. ed. Renewable Energy - Amanda

Chamberlin, Shaun, The Transition Timeline - Ros

Clift, J. + Cuthbert, A. Energy: Use less – save more: 100 Energy saving tips for the home – Debbie/Helena

Clift, J. + Cuthbert, A. Water use less – save more: 100 water saving tips – Debbie and Helena

Clift, J. + Cuthbert, A. Climate Change: Simple things you can do – Debbie

Clift, J. + Cuthbert, A. Your Money, Use less – save more: An A-Z guide - Debbie

Daly, H. + Cobb, J. For the Common Good - Amanda

Diamond, J.M., Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed - Helena

Elliott, D. Energy, Society and Environment - Amanda

Goodall, Chris, How to live a low-carbon life – Adrian/Sue

Hawken, P. The Ecology of Commerce - Amanda

Heinbert, Richard, Power Down - Ros

Hillman, Mayer, How We Can Save the Planet - Ros

Hopkins, Rob, The Transition Handbook - Ros

Hopkins, Rob and Pinkerton, Tamzin, Local FoodHow to make it happen in your Community - Ros

Jackson, Wes New Roots for Agriculture - Amanda

Liddell, Howard, Eco-minimalismthe antidote to eco-bling - Ros

Lomborg, Bjorn, Cool ItThe Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming - Ros

Lynas, M. Six Degrees – Debbie/Amanda

McManners, Peter, Adapt and Thrive - Ros

Monbiot, George, Heat – Richard

Pearce, F. Confessions of an Eco-sinner - Adrian/Sue

Porritt, J. Living within our Means – Amanda

Porritt, J. Capitalism as if the World Matters – Liz Bickley

Rose, C. How to Win Campaigns – Amanda

Sale, Kirkpatrick, Dwellers in the Land: The Bioregional Vision - Amanda

Sawday, Alastair, What About China? - Helena

Schumacher, E. Small is Beautiful (anniversary edition with commentary) – Amanda/Ros

Scott, N. Reduce Reuse Recycle – household guide - Debbie

Semlyen, A. Cutting your car use: Save money, be healthy, be green - Debbie

Tickell, Oliver, Kyoto 2 - Ros

Tudge, Colin, Feeding People is Easy – Ros

Whitefield, Patrick, Very short intro to permaculture – Richard

Whitefield, Patrick, How to make a Forest Garden – Richard

Whitefield, Patrick, The Earth Care Manual – Richard

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CAT guides (1992 vintage) to:
Thermal Solar (still relevant)
Solar PV (basics relevant but no Feed-in Tariffs)
General energy efficiency (still relevant) – Richard

How bad are Bananas? – Adrian + Sue

Toward Sustainable Communities: A Resource Book for Municipal & Local Governments (Canada, 1992) – Amanda

Eating for Victory : Healthy Home Front Cooking on War Rations Official WWII Instruction Leaflets. Forward by Jill Norman (2007) – Amanda

Oxfordshire ClimateXchange, Case Studies from householders who have achieved up to 80% reductions in energy, with no compromise in style – Ros and Helena

Oxfordshire ClimateXchange, Oxfordshire Climate Change Community Groups Handbook – Ros and Helena

Resurgence, magazine, approx 3 years of back issues - Amanda