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Our oil is going to run out – and burning fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) speeds up climate change (floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc). Maybe the Eynsham Area should start now to prepare for a time when energy costs a lot more, and everyone is forced to use and waste less.

For several years now the Transition Towns movement has encouraged people in towns and villages to work out for themselves how to start now – using less energy right away, and planning how to use and waste even less in the future.

To help people save energy - and money - GreenTea is encouraging people to join the 10:10 Campaign - see box, below right)

This page is for people interested in reducing the amount of energy used in Eynsham and the surrounding area. Use it to see what's happening and planned, who's involved, and to learn more.

GreenTEA is offering a free Carbon Footprinting service to anyone in the Eynsham Area. Click here for more.
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The Energy Group
the Big Carbon Challenge (and the Challenge Group)
free Carbon Footprinting Service
learn more about low energy and why it's a good idea

The Food and Orchard Group

The Waste Group

The Green Travel Group

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Getting involved

If you'd like to get involved with GreenTea - to hear about the events we organise, or to join our work, click here.