the GreenTEA Food & Orchard Group

The Food & Orchard Group aims to help people cut their carbon emissions by:

- eating locally grown food and producing more of their own - permaculture course, mentoring help for new growers, learning allotment in Cassington, community orchard (free fruit, nuts, etc for all). Click here for programme of Oxford Organic Group (meetings in Eynsham)

- promoting foraging - the use of fruits and nuts from the wild

- planting fruit and nut trees - see Eynsham as Orchard

- shopping locally - campaign to use local shops and buy local produce

- using more locally grown food - click here for where to get it in Eynsham

- wasting less - link wth Love Food, Hate Waste campaign in Oxfordshire. See also GreenTEA's Waste Group

Apple Festival

Eynsham's first Apple Festival was held in October/10. Click here for pictures and recipes

If you're a new grower and would like back-up help or advice from others, contact Sue Raikes - tel 464 021
If you have space in your garden that yould like help cultivating (in return for some of the produce), contact Sue Raikes - tel 464 021
If you'd like to join the Food Group, or find out more about it, contact Sue Raikes - tel 464 021

useful Websites

Here are some Websites which may help you:

Bunty's Blog - a detailed video guide to starting an allotment or vegetable garden - very practical and easy to watch - updated every fortnight

Futurefarm - a community village feeding scheme in Martin, Hampshire.

The Eynsham Allotment Association - good links to many practical advice Websites, and also diary-type experiences of beginners.

The Eynsham Community Website has a good page on buying local food locally

Thames Organic Growers

Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-operative

Berks, Bucks & Milton Keynes and Oxon Food Group

Big Barn

Getting involved

If you'd like to get involved with GreenTea - to hear about the events we organise, or to join our work, click here.