the Waste Group

GreenTEA's Waste Group started life as the Eynsham Area Waste Watchers (EAWW). EAWW is a community action group, representing Eynsham, Cassington, Aston and other neighbouring villages. We aim to hold a swap shop every 6 months, to help people recycle and save resources, so watch this space … Please get in touch to join the team of helpers – or come and support the next event!

What is a Swap Shop?
A chance to get rid of things you don’t want and pick up something you do. No money changes hands - this is simply a way to stop goods ending up in our landfill sites. It is a 'waste' exchange event where members of the public can dispose of things they don’t want, things that are still usable, and pick up something they need – all for free!

Many people describe it as a kind of cashless bring and buy sale. It has similar stock to a charity shop and we would not wish to undermine the great recycling work which they do. However a swap shop is a community-based, village event.

You do not need to bring anything in order to take away goods and vice versa. Swap Shops recognise that one person’s junk is another one’s treasure ... and use this fact to reduce ‘waste’.

The types of items to bring along on the day are: CDs/DVDs/Videos, Books, Clothes, Household items and Bric-a-brac, curtains etc, Toys and games.

Small Electrical items can be taken away for re-use and/or recycling, but please No computer equipment or black-and-white TVs.
Please don’t bring LARGE items, such as furniture: bring along a photo with contact details to pin up on the swap board.

You can bring without taking and take without bringing!

Our recent swap shops (early 2010) have been held in the Baptist Church Hall Eynsham, and Aston village hall. Over 250 people visit the Eynsham swap shop each time and we expect to re-home over 500 kg of items for re-use.
Things brought to the swap shop, and not taken, are given to charity shops or placed in recycling bins, with a few worn-out items sent to landfill.

Recycle – Re-use
By re-using things, we cut down on the amount of waste that goes into landfill and reduce the natural resources such as oil, minerals, water and wood used in manufacturing new products. EAWW is supported by CAG Oxfordshire .

If you'd like to join the Waste Group, or find out more about it, contact contact Liz Bickley 884 496 or e-mail

Getting involved

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