the Energy Group

The Energy Group aims to help people in the Eynsham Area to reduce their Carbon Footprint (what's this ?). GreenTEA is running a free Carbon Footprinting Service to help people reduce their carbon output - click here for more.

It has arranged a deal with Ecotricity (an energy supplier) so that if you switch to green electricity through Ecotricity, they will pay something to GreenTea to help our work. Click here for more.

The Group is looking at the possibility of following the example of people in West Oxford who have set up an Industrial Provident Society and are selling shares to finance the installation of solar electricity generation on the roofs of West Oxford.

If you'd like to join the Energy Group, or find out more about it, contact Richard Andrews - tel or Sarah Couch - 464 056

what you can do on your own

There are lots of things you can do on your own, to reduce your own carbon footprint, without waiting for anyone else. Several people in Eynsham are installing solar panels on their roofs (planning permission is easier now, and there's a good subsidy on any electricity produced) - click here for more.

Also, GreenTEA's Challenge Group is actively helping people to reduce their Carbon Footprints - click here for more.

Eynsham Weather Station

Eynsham now has its own dedicated weather station located at Odell Cottage in Queens Lane. It is an amateur weather station but is continuously connected to the Internet via the Weather Undergound weather system. The site provides both current and historic data and a fairly detailed weather forecast for Eynsham.

Click here to access it.