the Challenge Group

The Challenge Group is running the Eynsham Area's entry into the Big Carbon Challenge Competition. The Competition is run by the Oxfordshire County Council and there's a prize of £1,500 if we win it.

There are three parts to the Challenge:

- cutting as much carbon as possible

- involving as many people as possible

- plans for the future.

The Group also offers a free Carbon Footprinting Service to anyone in the Eynsham Area to help them reduce their carbon. It involves a home visit (about an hour) to calculate your household's carbon - and you get instant results, plus some ideas and help on how to save money and reduce your energy consumption. For more on this Service, click here.

The Group also runs a course called Carbon Conversations which helps people understand and think about their carbon output. The course is run over 6 2-hour sessions - contact Adrian Moyes (464 021) if you're interested.

If you'd like to be involved in the Big Carbon Challenge or find out more about it, contact Adrian Moyes - e-mail - 464 021