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Work on the Market Square

The Market Square was re-vamped in the summer of 2003. Here are some photos of the work in progress, and some notes on costs etc.

The historically important Market Square had deteriorated in quality and condition over recent years and was dominated by haphazard parking and over-wide roadways, to such an extent that both the appearance and use of the space had been compromised

The new lay-out concentrates on providing a good setting to the civic and public buildings and monuments by the provision of a central pedestrian space to the south of the Bartholomew Room and a smaller space outside the Red Lion Public House, and by providing a clear definition to the access and parking arrangements for vehicles.

The focus of the appearance of the Square by the use of better quality surface finishes and creating a public space capable of staging a range of activities and community events eg. May Day dancing and markets.

There is no loss of existing parking within the Square, with 6 spaces formally marked out and room for 8 other cars parked more informally. .

The overall budget for the scheme is £13O,OOO

Eynsham Parish Council - £15,OOO
West Oxfordshire District Council - £9O,OOO
Oxfordshire County Council - £25,OOO

The West Oxfordshire District Council has been, over the past 3 years, offering money to upgrade market squares in the District. Chipping Norton and Woodstock have already been done. This money is available to all towns or villages which have a market square and the Eynsham Parish Council applied as soon as it was aware of the scheme.

The money from WODC has already been paid for by the tax-payer and if Eynsham had not benefited then someone else would have done. The Parish Council feels that the end result is something to be proud of.

Work on the Market Square