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specialist shops in Eynsham

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A lot of people come to Eynsham to visit the specialist shops. It's surprising that a village should have so many - and so good. It's maybe because Eynsham has no supermarket (the Co-op and Spar are small self-service stores - fine for Eynsham, but not big supermarkets) and very few chain stores (Lloyds the chemist, Martins the Newsagent, and Spar are the only three). The result is that Eynsham has a surprising and amazing collection of high quality shops - well worth a special visit. Read on.

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map of specialist shops
As well as specialist shops, there are plenty of plenty of eating places (including an outstanding Indian, the Bayleaf), cafes and pubs, as well as some excellent food shops. There's also a village-centre car-park (though perversely, you have to drive out of the village to get to it - and then walk 100 yds back along a path). Click here for map.


The Eynsham Emporium (32 Mill Street - 01865 731 717) is a high quality cookshop with cafe and flowershop attached - click here for Oxford Times article about it.

computer specialists

Oxford Macintosh Solutions -

office (and other) furniture

WS Supplies -


Evenlode DIY -


Futons Direct -


House of Hats

An amazing collection of hand-made hats - many at £10


The Oxford Framemaker,
The Workshop, A3 Brooks Cottages, Newland St OX29 4JZ

Michael Morley (our original framer) may have gone, but Sue is here with extremely good value and speedy mounting, framing, canvas-stretching and restoration

electrical goods and servicing


The Eynsham Emporium in Mill Street.
The Evenlode DIY in Thames Street.
The Sue at work in Oxford Framemakers in Newland Street.