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about this Website

What this Website is - and how to get around it.

What this Website is

This is the Eynsham Community Website. The Parish Council has opened a new Eynsham Website called Eynsham online. It was originally primarily about the Parish Council (Members, Minutes, Agenda, Newsletter, etc); it now has lot of other material as well, and, importantly, it also contains a continuously updated version of the Eynsham Directory. The Community Website (this one) has a large number of links to Eynsham online, and you may find it's an easier website to find your way around - but click here if you want to go direct to Eynsham online.

The whole Parish Council Website belongs to the West Oxfordshire Strategic Partnership (unfortunately but inevitably shortened to WOSP) - the Eynsham Parish Council has only about a fifth of the total site). Because of the way it is designed, it has quite serious limitations; it is difficult to Navigate or Search, and there are only a limited number of Links from it. WOSP has no plans to improve the site, so unless or until the Parish Council develops its own site, that's how things will stay.

This, the Community Website, is designed to celebrate Eynsham in a more informal way. You could think of it as the "Fans' Website", complementing the official (Parish Council) site. This site also aims to include, or have links to, almost everything you may want to know about Eynsham, even if, like the Eynsham Directory, it is held on the Parish Council site.

Some of the Parish Council site duplicates this site. But that needn't concern you - wherever something is better, or only, displayed on the Parish Council site, we link you to it. But please be patient if you get re-directed a bit !

how to get around it

To get the main sections click on any of the buttons above - they appear on every page. They take you to a page which gives all the details about that section.

For an at-a-glance view of what's on the Site, look at the Sitemap. From there you can either go direct to a page, or get a complete list of everything in each section of the Website.

Or you can search for anything by typing into the box at the top left of each page.

The six buttons at the top left go direct to six commonly used pages. Like the ones at the top and the Search Box, they appear on every page.

To speed things up, we've kept most of the pages short and most of the pictures small.

All the pages are about 700 pixels wide - which means they can fit onto most monitors. They may they look a bit small on a bigger screen but it seems a compromise worth making.

All phone numbers are Eynsham (01865) unless otherwise stated.

The Eynsham Community Website is a money-free zone; everything is given free - and there is no charge for anything. The Website has no means of handling money.

The Community Website was first put up in 1999 - it was designed to improve the quality of life in Eynsham by reinforcing the idea of Eynsham as a good place to life and 'oiling the wheels' by making it easier to do and arrange things communally - and to make other Websites work more efficiently.

how to get things onto the Website
This Website is continually growing and changing. If you want to put something on it, or if you know of something that you think should be on it, contact Adrian Moyes.

Ditto, if you see anything that's wrong on it - we'll correct it soonest.

The old vicarage
We have just done a major re-vamp of the Website - to take account of the Parish Council Website, and to make it easier to get around this one.

The changes will almost certainly give rise to some things that don't work - mainly links to other pages or sites. If you come across one, please could you tell us at once.

The Eynsham Community Website is hosted by Oxford Macintosh Solutions, 50 Acre End St, Eynsham - for free, like everything else on the Website.

The Eynsham Parish Council has made a contribution to the cost of the Domain Name.

The Counter is provided free by Fastcounter.

The Search boxes are provided free by Atomz - who, rather irritatingly, have recently decided to include some ads on the Search Results pages - one of the downsides of having no money to pay for an ad-free service.