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Eynsham shops in 1900

These two maps were compiled by Mr & Mrs Faulkner. If you have any more information - stories about the shops, factories, farms and workshops, or pictures of them, etc, do please contact us. Sue Hallet has already done so - see her story below the map.

To make them easier to read, we've done the map in two halves, with a small overlap. You're probably used to seeing maps of Eynsham with north to the top - but in these two it's to the right.

Sue Hallet writes:

My husband's father-in-law (now dec'd.) Alfred Hiorns' father was the Pork Butcher in Newlands Road. He used to tell me of the greenhouse in the back of the shop which produced wonderful grapes because they used to feed them with the blood from the pigs. He also said that he remembered his Dad salting their "famous" hams in shallow sinks in I think he said basement. This left his father with finger joints that used to "explode" powder when clicked. The shop was sold when his father died and bought by a colonel next door who objected to a butcher's next door. I understand it was then demolished.

Alfred Hiorns also told of visits to the lemonade factory to take back empty bottles with his brother and they used to be given bottles in return with extra "pop".

He used to talk of "Perpen" the builder who was called that because his favourite saying about his work was "that there be perpendicular".