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Shops & Businesses

A lot of people come to Eynsham to visit the shops - many of them specialist ones. It's surprising that a village should have so many - and so good. Click here for more on Eynsham's specialist shops - and here for a full list of Shops and businesses in Eynsham.

Click here for a map of shops in Eynsham in 1900

Local Food

Several food suppliers in Eynsham sell locally produced food - click here to find out more. Also on growing your own.

Internet shopping for Eynsham

The Eynsham Cricket Club is operating a Webshop, where a tiny percentage of everything you buy (from eg Amazon, John Lewis) goes to the Club - at no cost to you. So far they've raised nearly £300 in this way. To get to the Webshop, go to the Cricket Club's website, and click Webshop (top right).