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Eynsham Parish Council

The Parish Council now has its own Website - it contains all Parish Council material - including Minutes, Committees, Members, Planning Decisions and Parish Notices. Click here to go to the Parish Council section of the new website, and use the headings above the text to get to the Minutes, Planning Decisions, etc. Click here for the Parish Council's monthly newsletter, The Echo.

Click here for information about other levels of local government - District and County Councils, MP, MEP, etc. And click here to contact any of them.

The Parish Council has powers to contribute to local amenities such as allotments, bus-shelters, street-lighting, - and by supplementing services like street-cleaning and grass-cutting. Since 1972 its powers to acquire land and provide recreational facilities have been increased. It also contributes through the “Free Resource” to many of the clubs, societies and charities in the village in the way of grant aid.

It represents the interests of the people of Eynsham and Barnard Gate to other public authorities, and is consulted on things like public transport, road improvements, mineral policy, tourism, and crime prevention. It has strong partnership links with the police and fire service as well as both the local schools and the local bus company.

It is required by statute to provide “open government” and welcomes members of the public to attend the twice monthly meetings in the Bartholomew Rooms. Although the public cannot contribute to the discussions, there is always an item on the agenda inviting them to speak on matters of concern. Information in respect of income and expenditure of the Council is provided in the annual accounts which are available, by prior arrangement, from the Clerk to the Council.

The Council is notified of all planning applications that affect both villages and these are considered at each Parish Council meeting; lists of recent applications are displayed on notice boards at the Bartholomew room in the Square, in Mill St (opposite Spare Acre Lane), in the Witney Road and at Barnard Gate. They are also available in the Library. They are changed once a fortnight.

As part of its commitment to open government, the Parish Council has contributed to the cost of the Eynsham Community Website - it now has its own Website.

The Bartholomew Room in the Square - where the Parish Council meets on the first and third Tuesday each month from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.