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The Old Forge pottery workshop

The Old Forge Pottery in Newland Street is a shared workshop making both wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery. The results are available for sale (if they pass Quality Control of course). It was started by Sue Raikes and Adrian Moyes in August 2006.

The workshop is not a shop; there are small window displays, with phone numbers if you want to buy, and occasional Exhibitions, Open Days and sales.

  • Currently there are ten sharing potters (click here for details), plus some occasional users. Eventually, they hope it will be possible to arrange some teaching in the workshop.
    If you are interested in joining in as a Sharer, or, in the longer term, joining a small class . Click here for more on the pottery.
Where is the Old Forge ? Click here for map
Sue Raikes immediately after opening the kiln at the end of the first firing.
Open day at the Old Forge pottery workshop.
Newland Street - and, right, the Old Forge.
a thrown pot by Sue Raikes
hand-built work by Sue Raikes
a thrown pot by Adrian Moyes
The old bellows, high in the roof.
The old forge behind the workshop - at which, the story goes, Cromwell's (and/or Charles I's) horses were shod in the 1640s.
Click here for more on the Old Forge in the old days.