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Dog droppings in Eynsham Wood

from David Miller

Today I took a walk round the Eynsham Millennium Wood. Decided to remove Polly bag litter hanging in the hedgerows. Very quickly realised these contained dog excrement, the bags being knotted then flung into the hedges. I collected at least ten and saw dozens scattered on the ground.

Thanks ‘dog owner’; we not only have dog-mess but litter to go with it. Your behaviour has saved us treading in it - but could you not go that little bit extra and put it in a bin?

The poo-bag trail leads to the Spareacre Lane, Witney Road area. So take a look at the next dog walker on their way home and see if they are carrying the reason they took the dog for a walk, if they are not, they could be the serial litter-lout defacing this otherwise very pretty wood.

Just take a look - there really are dozens of these bags littering the wood, the verge of the A40 and Witney Road !