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maps of Eynsham

For those who have broadband, Google Earth is a completely amazing way of viewing the world. You can type in the name of anywhere, or the Postcode, and, as if in a very high speed plane, you can zoom there for an aerial view.

The images of Eynsham are unfortunately not such high resolution as those for places like London, Paris or New York; they don't show the streets clearly, but they do show the shape of the village, and the surrounding fields and the river quite clearly.

This Website contains several maps of Eynsham - they are listed below. Click on any you want. Click here for a further selection, including gravel extraction plans, bus routes, industrial estates, Conservation Area, rights of way, and listed buildings.

For more detailed, coloured, maps of Eynsham, with street names, go to Streetmap or Multimap. You can either get a general map of Eynsham, or a more detailed one by typing in a Postcode or a street name.

maps on this Website

general map of Eynsham

map of Eynsham and immediate surroundings*



specialist shops

health - health centre, dentist, chemist, chiropractor, chiropodists, etc


restaurants & take-ways

schools and pre-schools

Eynsham Wood

Eynsham shops in 1900

Eynsham in 1883 - type Eynsham into the Place-name box (top left)

*You need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view this map. If you haven't got Adobe Acrobat already, you can download it for free.