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Eynsham History Group Library

The Eynsham History Group has its own library - it is at 8 Thornbury Rd, and may be used by appointment tel 881 677.. It consists of a number of books, mostly of local interest, many of them donated by past or present members, as well as numerous notes, letters and miscellaneous documents covering local issues.

The history of Eynsham Abbey is particularly well documented, with a large collection of notes and books donated by the late Bishop Gordon concerning the abbey, its abbots and the monastic life in general, as well as the original draft of the bishop's own book.

A number of other papers tell the stories behind the changes in Eynsham's buildings and landscape.

There are also transcripts of the parish registers, the Hundred Rolls, 19th century Quarter Session Records and the Eynsham censuses for 1841 -1891 which are being updated to 1901. Information from the 19th century sources have been used to compile a card index of everybody living in the village from some time before 1841 to the end of the century, with details of occupations, families, addresses etc.

For security reasons much of the Group's collection (known as the Hugh Cooper Memorial Library - after its Founder and first President) is kept locked, but the key is available at the desk.

Two new books about Eynsham

1. Eynsham: A Village and its Abbey.
A handsome, heavily illustrated booklet of 30pp. by the archaeologist Alan Hardy available at £4.50 from the Library and selected village shops.

2. Aelfric's Abbey, by Alan Hardy, Anne Dodd & Graham Keevill. This is the definitive report on the 1989-92 excavations. It runs to a heavyweight 636 pp. including 400 Plates, Figs and Tabs. It is Vol.16 in the Thames Valley Landscape series by Oxford Archaeology and is available at £45 directly from them or from Oxbow Books (Tel: 241249)

Both of these books may be seen in the Eynsham LIbrary.