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health services

Eynsham is well supplied with public healthcare and private (ie commercial) health specialists. This page covers physical healthcare, dental healthcare, mental healthcare (including counselling), caring (children, adults, elderly and residential homes), keep fit, where to get information about healthcare, learning to be an Expert Patient, and finally, animal healthcare.
If you want to know anything about anything medical, consult NHS Direct - a serious mine of serious information. It is really well-laid out, easy to use and often very reassuring. Well worth consulting if you're worried about any or anyone's health problem - and wondering whether to consult a doctor.

physical healthcare

Eynsham Medical Centre Conduit Lane OX29 4QB 881 206

Lloyds Chemist 64 Acre End Street 881 283 (national website - not specific to Eynsham)
Mon-Friday 9.00 - 6.30 Saturday 9.00-4.30

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Stella Eduljee 880 446

Beauty Therapist
JB THERAPIES, 49 Dovehouse Close - 731 563

North Cotswolds Footcare Service
Baptist Church Hall - 880 871

Elaine Lee & Fatima Alcantara, 3 Mill Street, Eynsham 880 325
Alan Craft, 7 Witney Rd 882 992

Holistic Therapist
JB THERAPIES, 49 Dovehouse Close - 731 563

Newland Street OX29 4LB 882 255

Bamboo Pilates
Newland Street OX29 4LB, 880 779

Stella Eduljee 880 446

dental healthcare

Dental Surgeons
D.B.Fullarton & S.D.Pritchard, Dental Surgery, 4 Cassington Road, 880 047
Oxfordshire Mobile Dental Clinic, 5-6 Broad St, Banbury OX16 5BN, 01295 277 735
in-your own-home, 24 emergency service, NHS

If you want to find an NHS dentist, go to NHS Direct, or ring 0118 918 3333. For dental emergencies ring 0845 4647.

mental healthcare

Bereavement Counselling
Serenna Davies, 12 Willows Edge 883 534

Linda Barlow 880 578

Dementia - an all-age dementia information resource for Oxfordshire


childcare information

Eynsham Day Centre
Open every Monday 10.00-3.00
Co-ordinator - Mr Parks, 86 Acre End Street OX29 4PD 882 892

Eynsham Neighbourhood Care Scheme
Co-ordinator DAVID MILLER - 881 780
Arranges transport for elderly and infirm to hospitals and clinics.
A service provided by volunteers financed by donations from users.

Nursing and Residential Homes
Beech Court Private Nursing Home, 37 Newland Street 883 611
Matron - Mrs P.M.Shaw
St Winefrides Residential Care Home, 2 Abbey Street 883 937
Jocelyne Palmer

Oxfordshire Carers' Forum
enquiries - Pamela Richards, 6 Abbey Street 881 396
- Josie Smith, 8 Tilgarsley Road 880 497


Keep-fit classes and activities

general health

Expert patients
If you live with a long-term illness, you can take control by becoming an Expert Patient. The Expert Patients Programme (or 01235 205 565) is a self-management course giving people the confidence, skills and knowledge to manage their condition better and be more in control of their lives.

Advice and support
The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) provides confidential information, advice and support to help patients, families and their carers on how to make the best use of the NHS and other services. Phone 01235 205 565 or 0800 0523 225, or e-mail.

Guideposts - the Independent Living Centre gives advice on equipment (it doesn't sell the equipment) to help people maintain their independence.

The Life-coaching Directory enabes people to find a life-coach close to Eynsham - and appropriate for their needs. It is a free, confidential service designed to help people looking for a new direction in their life.

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animal healthcare

Mondays - Fridays 1.45-8.00 Saturdays 3-5
Parkwood Veterinary Surgery, 68 Mill Street 883 007
Red Cross
Contact - Mrs J.Ayres, 15 Greens Road 880 752

map of health services
Green Pages is a directory of a lot of alternative treatments and therapies. It's available in Oxford and around - eg from The Bean Bag in Witney, and in Oxford at Waterstones, Tourist Information, and several health/alternative shops/cafes.

Insight gives links to a large number of health-related Websites, including Apitherapy, Acutouch, Iridology, Quigong, Reiki, Ear-candling, and many more.