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The Village Hall

Booking Clerk
Rachel Budd

tel 881 624
The Village Hall can be booked by:

- Eynsham Clubs & organisations - such as Tai Chi, Army Cadets, Acre End Pre-School, Bowls, Bartholomew Players, etc

- individuals - for birthdays, weddings, funerals, social events, etc

- commercial organisations.

There are different rates for each, and the rates depend on which day and what time of day. Contact the Booking Clerk for details (see panel at top).

There are two halls - the big one holds 150 seated (chairs are provided !) and 300 standing. The smaller one holds 140 people standing.

There is a kitchen with catering equipment (cutlery etc) for 200. You bring your own food. Click here for photos.

There are two disabled car-parking spaces - other people can use the Village Car-park almost opposite.

The whole Hall, including loos etc, is a no-smoking zone.


Being a Hall for the whole village, it's important not to disturb the nearby residents. So it is closed by midnight - and there are devices to keep the noise levels down.

You can either bring your own drinks, or arrange for a pub to get a temporary licence and set up a bar.

cleaning up
You have to do the cleaning up yourself.

The main hall - it holds 150 seated and 300 standing
For more information, inc floor-plans, click here.
The main hall and the stage - with serving window into kitchen on left
The small hall - it holds 140 standing
Another view of the small hall