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how to contact your representatives

This page tells your how to contact your various representatives - at Parish, District, County, National and International levels.
Parish Council
Clerk to the Council - Malcolm Anderson
13 Bailey Road
Oxford OX4 3HU
716 943

West Oxfordshire District Council
Council Offices Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB, 01993 861 000

Eynsham Councillors
Mr David Rossiter, 5 Bartholomew Close, 881 568
Mrs Margaret Stevens, 51 Mill Street 882 384
Frances Pike 4 Hollow Furlong, Cassington OX29 4ET 881 382

Oxfordshire County Council

Councillor for Eynsham
Charles Mathew 881 915
Council Offices: County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND 792 422

Member of Parliament
David Cameron MP
House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 6AA

A good way to contact him is to fax him - so far he has replied to 74% of faxes within 14 days. Click here to find more about how he can help you - and to fax him direct (faxes are better than e-mails to MPs - they tend to take them more seriously).

You can also petition the Government in general - see box below.

Members of the European Parliament - MEPs
The UK is divided into twelve regions. Our region is the South-East; it has 11 MEPs. Each MEP for our region represents each person - so for us in Eynsham, all 11 South-Eastern MEPs represent us and we can contact any or all of them. Click on any below to reach their own Website. Caroline Lucas lives in Stonesfield, so you might think of her as a bit more local

Ashley Mote (website not available - this is link to Wikipaedia)
Richard Ashworth
Peter Skinner
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne (website not available - this is link to Wikipaedia
Daniel Hannan
James Elles
Nigel Farage
Nirj Deva
Chris Huhne
Caroline Lucas

Petitioning the Government

You can petition the government - click here for the Government website telling you how.

If you want to start or to join a petition, click here. Although the Internet should be ideal for running petitions, only one of them (about road pricing) seems to have had much influence.