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getting help

This page is about getting help - for a group, club, society etc - or for yourself. It covers Eynsham charities, grants, energy conservation tips and grants, domestic violence, sheltered housing, vocational training, and school-age-but-not-school, phoning for older people.


There are two charities specifically devoted to helping Eynsham people:

The Bartholomew Educational Foundation

The Eynsham Consolidated Charity - you need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view it. If you haven't got Adobe Acrobat already, you can download it for free.


energy conservation
grants, advice, tips on energy conservation from the Thames Valley Energy Centre - (TVEC)

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The Oxfordshire Community Foundation makes grants to local groups making a positive impact on the lives of people affected by poverty, disability, lack of education or poor health.

The Foundation also runs the Local Network Fund in Oxfordshire. The Fund is designed to help voluntary groups working with children and young people (0-19 yrs) in one of 4 themes:

1) Aspiration & Experience - providing disadvantaged children with opportunities that many take for granted

2) Economic Disadvantage - schemes that help families improve their living standards and cope with poverty,

3) Isolation & Access - for children are isolated (both physically and emotionally) or have difficulty accessing services

4) Children's Voices - for schemes that give young people a chance to voice their opinions and concerns.

Grants are available from £250 - £7,000.

Application forms are available by calling the Children & Young People Unit's national call centre on 0845 113 0161.

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Domestic Violence

If you're involved in violence at home - or know of anyone who is - you might find the BeeB's Hitting Home website helpful - they produced it as part of their season domestic violence a few years back - it's very big and helpful. It's got sections for kids, teens, young adults, women, and men (both as victims and perpetrators of violence).

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Sheltered housing

Anchor Housing have a project to help older people, vulnerable home owners and private tenants to "Stay Put" in their homes. It is a Home Improvement Agency run by Anchor Housing in partnership with WODC. If you need advice phone Anchor Housing on 01993 709 524.

security in your home

Secured Home offers non-commercial and non-alarmist advice about security in your home- especially importnt for older people

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Guideposts - the Independent Living Centre gives advice on equipment (it doesn't sell the equipment) to help people maintain their independence.

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Vocational training

Leonardo da Vinci - is a useful site - Leonardo "funds overseas work placements and the development of training materials with the objective of improving the provision of Vocational Education and Training (VET) across Europe"

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School-age - but not in school is a research project looking at ways of re-engaging teenagers into learning when they have been out of school in the long term. is a community with none of the rhetoric, structure or strictures of school; it is literally not school! It is designed for young people for whom neither school nor the traditional alternatives (such as home tutoring) have worked - for whatever reason.

Our starting point was to re-establish self-esteem as learners and prove that they had been learning. In the initial pilot of nearly 100 students, almost all remain engaged and individual progress abounds Students are becoming skilled in digital art, multimedia design, making and sharing music, learning the saxophone on-line and enjoying dance and drama.

Lots more information on their Website.

individuals - older people

The Phone-Link Befriending Service for Older people is run by trained volunteers. The volunteers call clients during the week Mon-Fri for a friendly chat in the same way a family member/friend would. The service is completely free . It's available for older people 60+ who may feel they are lonely/isolated, or may be housebound.

There is an open referral policy; referrals from Doctors, Nurses, Social Services, Family/friends and self-referral are all OK.

tel 01295 278 040 or e-mail