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Food (& drink) shops & markets in Eynsham

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As well as food shops, there are plenty of plenty of eating places (including an outstanding Indian, the Bayleaf), cafes and pubs and a high quality cook-shop. There's also a village-centre car-park (though perversely, you have to drive out of the village to get to it - and then walk 100 yds back along a path). Click here for map.

There is no supermarket in Eynsham (the Co-op and Spar are small self-service stores - fine for Eynsham, but not big supermarkets). The result is that Eynsham has a surprising and amazing collection of high quality food shops - well worth a special visit. Eynsham, in fact, is a foodies' paradise;
- there's a real modern old-style top-quality family butcher - Richard Golsby's butchers shop is just opposite the Co-op He sources all his meat from nearby farms - some of it's organic, and most of it is free-range and minimum chemicals. Besides regular meat (including mutton - quite hard to get these days), he does home-made sausages, pheasants, venison (from Balmoral), and fish (frozen but good quality).

But the surprising thing about this butchers shop is the amount of non-meat stuff there is in it - locally grown vegetables, cheese, ice-cream, fruit pies, and eggs (in season, Maran eggs - possibly the most delicious you've ever tasted). Closed on Mondays.

Richard Golsby in his butchers shop
- a real bakery - the Natural Bread Company - next to Golsby's (see above). They bake cakes and tarts onsite, but there isn't room for the bread ovens, so the bread is baked in Wantage.
The Eynsham Co-op is an upmarket village Co-op, which has, or can get, almost everything the big supermarkets have, only it's not so big. There's a good wine selection with regular bargain offers, and bread baked on the premises (Cuisine de France). It's not as cheap as big supermarkets, but not so bad if you factor in the cost of going to Witney by bus or car (by car:12 miles return @ 40p/mile (Inland Revenue average cost) - £4.80).
The Eynsham Co-op
Eynsham Cellars

The Cellars opened in March/10. It is an independent wine-shop, run by two local people, who choose all the wines themselves. It doesn't (yet ?) do FairTrade wines (as does the Co-op), but it has a good selection of wines including some at under £5.

Local Food

Several food suppliers in Eynsham (including the three above) sell locally produced food - click here to go to our page on local food, food miles, farmer's markets and more.

The Local Food board in the Natural Bread Company's shop

weekly stalls and markets

There are also four weekly stalls/markets in Eynsham:

- on Wednesday mornings (9am - noon) there's a Grimsby fish van outside the Library in Mill Street - it's quite pricey, but it's good.

- on Thursday mornings (except Jan and early Feb) the Eynsham Country Market (formerly WI Market) is held in the Church Hall from 9 am till 11am (but almost everything is sold by 9.30 !) - local veg, honey, cakes (of course), jams, eggs, hampers (for friends, students, etc) - click here for more.

Also on Thursday mornings, there's a Fairtrade stall in the Baptist Church - 1030-1200

- on Saturday mornings (9am till noon) there is an organic vegetable stall outside the Eynsham Emporium. The vegetables are mostly (not the oranges though) grown at Worton Farm, a few miles from Eynsham. Even in winter there's a surprising variety.

The Saturday organic vegetable stall.