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Eynsham history

There's a lot of history in Eynsham. This pages tells you what's already on this Website.

We're gradually getting more and more of it onto this Community Website - please help us if you can. Click on any of the words in blue to find out more.

general history of Eynsham - the mammoths, the abbey, the railway - and everything in between.

books about Eynsham's history - arranged in order of readability.

notes on the history of Eynsham's pubs - 9 which are still open, plus another 14 which used to be.

map of shops in Eynsham in 1900

the history of the Library

virtual tour of Newland Street - with pocket histories of prominent buildings. We are planning similar virtual tours of other streets.

Eynsham Lock - and weir (which is much older)

Swinford Tollbridge - and the road to Oxford

the Abbey Heritage Walk - the new walk to different viewpoints of the old abbey, with six information plaques at key points.

false acacia trees in Eynsham.

historical sites near Eynsham - South Leigh (Dylan Thomas), Stanton Harcourt (Alexander Pope), Blenheim (Churchill) etc.

Old map of Eynsham (1883) - type Eynsham into the Place-name box.

old photos of Eynsham - Then & Now

Listed Buildings in Eynsham

History on the Web - how Eynsham historians can and could use the Web

the Eynsham History Group - encourages research about the history of Eynsham, and publishes The Eynsham Record.

the Eynsham History Library - where to browse books and records about Eynsham's history.

future plans

We plan to do a series on factories in Eynsham (gas, rope, sugar-beet, mineral water, carpets, magnets, etc). We'd also like to do something on the tunnels under Eynsham, and also on the wartime airbase on the Stanton Harcourt road. Ideas and information welcomest - contact us.

The Eynsham History Group - publishes research in the Eynsham Record and holds meetings with talks about Eynsham history.