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education in Eynsham


Bartholomew School (secondary) - 881 430

Eynsham Primary School - 881 294


Acre End Pre-school

Eynsham Pre-school

Activities for pre-school children

Eynsham Schools Network
Extended Services, childcar, parent support, and lots more


Karen Willis 10 Spareacre Lane, Eynsham - 882 281

Not school is a research project looking at ways of re-engaging teenagers into learning when they have been out of school in the long term. is a community with none of the rhetoric, structure or strictures of school; it is literally not school! It is designed for

Bartholomew School - 6th Form block
The Acre End Pre-school
young people for whom neither school nor the traditional alternatives (such as home tutoring) have worked - for whatever reason.

Our starting point was to re-establish self-esteem as learners and prove that they had been learning. In the initial pilot of nearly 100 students, almost all remain engaged and individual progress abounds Students are becoming skilled in digital art, multimedia design, making and sharing music, learning the saxophone on-line and enjoying dance and drama.

Lots more information on the Website.

Under 18s activities

Click here for activities for under 18s

Community Education Centre

Workers' Educational Association
Meets 10 am on Mondays at the Tolkien Room
Chairman - Mrs Linda Dodds 880 825
Secretary Mrs J.Weedon, 2 Clover Place 880 302

Vocational training

Leonardo da Vinci - is a useful site


Freespirit is a monthly event (in term-time) for 13-18-yr-olds, set up by people from the Baptist, Catholic, and Anglican churches.