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Evenlode DIY

27 High Street 881 392

The Evenlode DIY is much more than a Do-It-Yourself shop. Here's a list of some of things we do supply - if what you want is not on the list, give us a call (881 392) and we may be able to get it or do it anyway.
Decorating materials; over 1,000 colours in all paint materials - mixed while you wait 8,000 ft of sawn and prepared timber; large selection of sheet materials
Glass cut while you wait Keys cut while you wait
Electrical & plumbing equipment Pet food
Hand tools Engraving
Tools sharpened general ironmongery
Garden supplies and plants - Sutton's seeds Film processing (agent)
Coal, logs, kindling, paraffin, Calor gas, Supergas Hire of small tools, cement-mixer, ladders, heavy-duty carpet cleaner
Dry-cleaning (agent) Shoe repairs (agent)

There's putty for the windows,
And paint to gloss the door,
Woodstains of every colour,
To help enhance the floor.
A rack that's full of brushes,
To paint all kinds of wood.
You'll find the village hardwear shop
Is everything that's good,

The counter's made from lovely wood,
There's a chair to rest your feet.
You only went to buy some bleach,
And found a toilet seat.
The staff are all so friendly,
You'll never have to queue.
You'll find the village hardware shop
Has everything for you!
Half a pound of one inch nails,
Plus an imp to clean the flue
And would you have some blakeys
To mend my tatty shoe?
Then how about some Rickets blue
To get my whites real bright.
You'll find the village hardwear shop
Has everything that's right.

The lovely smell of creosote
Paraffin and linseed oil.
There's every thing for gardening,
To help enrich the soil.
There's spades & forks & garden twine -
Compost to plant your seeds.
You'll find the village hardware shop
Has everything you need.
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