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Eynsham Country Market

What is a Country Market ?

It is a co-operative which aims to encourage traditional skills with a fresh approach.

Anyone over 16 can join. Although the Market grew out of the Women's Institute (WI), you don't have to be a WI member or even female. You pay 5p to become a 'shareholder' and make contact with the Market Controller who shows you the ways of presentation and marketing. Everything for sale must be home-made or home-grown.

the Eynsham Country Market

In the Eynsham Country Market there are baking and preserves, flowers, fruit and vegetables in season, eggs, craft and plants (see below for more on these).

There is scope for new talent. No-one at present is offering jewellery and there are very few toys. There may be hidden skills available in Eynsham and the villages nearby.

Goods must be brought to the Hail by 8.30 on a Thursday morning and anything unsold must be collected before 10.30.

If you are unable to do this personally it may well be that someone can do it for you. There is not usually much left unsold. In fact most consumable goods have disappeared by about 9.15, so to save disappointment, orders can be placed in advance and the goods put aside for collection.

Market Parcels can be ordered in Eynsham and delivered to your relative or friend in another part of the country from the nearest Country Market. A minimum of £5 is payable in advance and you can choose what you would like to send. Contents can be adapted to the recipient's special tastes and are known to give enormous pleasure, particularly to students away from home and to a mother with a new baby.

At the end of each month takings are added and paid to producers, less 10% commission.

Producers at present come from Eynsham, Barnard Gate, Appleton, Botley, South Leigh. Freeland, Hanborough and beyond. There are Country Markets also in Witney, Abingdon and throughout Oxfordshire.

All phone numbers are for Eynsham (01865) unless another code is given. Colour
Baking includes cakes of all flavours and sizes, tarts, biscuits, savoury flans, pies and much else.
Preserves include honey, jams, marmalades and chutneys.
Fruit & Vegetables and Flowers include anything from the garden or allotment.
Plants include bedding, border, evergreen and house plants.
Craft covers greetings cards, pottery, woodwork, dolls' clothes, knitwear (orders taken) and household goods.

Country Markets nationwide.

The first opened in Lewes, Sussex, in 1919 - and they have spread throughout the land ever since.

Further information Mrs Sue Butler-Miles 880 928 or Mrs Pat Atkins - tel: 881 677.

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