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friends and families

This section is for helping to contact friends and family members - and to help you trace your family tree (if you want to). The contacts could be people you've lost touch with - or maybe whoever lives in the Eynsham house you used to live in before you moved to New Zealand, or who the girl was in that photograph taken outside Bill Sawyer's shop in 1943. Or anybody.

Bartholomew School

To contact somebody from the Bartholomew School (or any school you were at), use Friends Reunited - you can contact your old schoolmates, or leave messages (memories, incidents, whatever).

Other similar sites are Old Friendz, Lost Schoolfriends and My Old Mate.

seriously missing

If somebody is seriously missing, you should try the National Missing Persons Helpline.

other contacts

The rest of this page is a Contact Board - here you can put a notice about who you'd like to contact - and we'll put a notice on the board (or contact them ourselves if it's easy). On the next page are some notes about how to do your Family Tree - and where to get help on the Web.

Contact Board

George Ashton

I have traced part of my family origins back to Eynsham and my grandfather’s family originated from Eynsham. My search has come to an abrupt stop with George Ashton, born in 1791 in kKrtlington, but married Elizabeth Harris from Acre End St, Eynsham in 1828.

Would there be records in Eynsham at the church or somewhere. where I can come and search for his parents’ names, and also Emma Ashton and son John who had a small acre farm on the Freeland part of Eynsham. There were quite a few Ashtons born and married in this area, and the aforementioned George died at Witney, aged 82, which I believe is within the County of Oxfordshire. The living family are dotted over Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and, personally, Yorkshire.


Jayne Crawford


I hope you can help me. I am trying to trace an old friend I have not seen since 1978; her maiden name was Jayne Crawford and she has a sister called Mallinda. They lived in a house their father Russ built, next to the cricket club.

If you, or any of your friends or colleagues, know her or what she is up, to now I would be very greatful if you could pass on my e-mail address as I would like to catch up with her to see how she is doing many thanks.

IAN DUCKETT Southam Warwickshire

Sarah Ann Hambridge

I am looking for information on Sarah Ann Hambridge, who was born in Eynsham in 1872. Her parents were James and Harriet Hambridge, also born in Eynsham. In the 1881 census the family was living at Kings Bridge, Woolvercot, Oxford, presumably on a canal boat.

If you have any information, please contact me by e-mail

Wendy Somers

Jerry Gramelspacher

My name is Jerry Gramelspacher, 406 W. 33rd St, Jasper, IN. 47546 (USA).

My wife, Gail, and I lived at 16 Mill Street, Eynsham from 1970 through July of 1974. There were several of us Americans living along that section of Mill Street thdn. We all were in the Air Force stationed at RAF Upper Heyford. Some of the other Americans living there were Bill and Tony Davis, John and Shirley Davis, Eric Thompson, Barry Whicker, Larry and Patty Morris and James and Carol Hawke.

My wife and I had a daughter while living there. Christina was born December 7, 1973. She was baptized in St Peters Catholic Church by Father Timothy J. Dinon, who passed away in 1976 (I think). We frequented the Jolly Sportsman often. Harry Lumley and his wife Toni were owners then.

As much as we loved Eynsham, all good things came to an end as I was shipped back to the USA for discharge to civilian life. Christina is now 31 years old and has a beautiful family of he own living here in Jasper about 3 miles from us. I used to do the readings during Mass at St Peters Church for Father Dinon.

If anyone remembers us and would like to drop us a line we would appreciate it. We are planning a return trip- possibly this September to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Thanks for a great website. I just found it today.


I have started tracing my family tree and have discovered my great granddad used to work at Eynsham sugar beet factory.His surname was Holloway, I would like to know if any employee records still exist and would I be able to see them.

Steve Jordan.

Thomas Kent

I have a who was born in Eynsham according to his Convict Record in 1809.

He was tried 26/2/1833 at the Oxford Assizes for cutting 10 apple trees ( from Jackson's Oxford Journal dated 2/3/1833 ). He was found guilty and transported to Australia on the Lord Lyndoch, leaving Sheerness 4/6/1833. He never went back to England.His Marriage and Death cert. do not show any parents names.

In the Eynsham Bishop's transcripts I found a Thomas KENT christened there 19/2/1809, parents Henry KENT and Rachael DEAN. An older brother Thomas died 1801 at the age of 6.

However on the 1841 census there is a Thomas KENT, born in Eynsham aged 30, in the 1851 census there is a Thomas KENT aged 43, born in Eynsham and in the 1881 census, a Thomas KENT aged 73.

I have tried 3 times to get a copy of the Trial Record from the PRO without success and wonder if you or someone could possibly help.

Alva Kent, New Zealand


I would like to hear from anyone with information relating to the HARPER/HARPUR, GREEN and SMITH families - all of whom lived in Eynsham from 1700's through to late 1800's.

Also, any information relating to Alma Place in Eynsham.

Please see my website for furrther information.

Many thanks

Katherine Doughty

information on BRIANT/BRYANT family

Looking for any information regarding the surname BRIANT/BRYANT, Our grandfather was Benjamin, born Eynsham 1830. He married Martha (maiden name unknown), and lived in Oxford by about 1858.

His parents were Benjamin BRIANT/BRYANT and Susanna CALCOTT. He had siblings names Robert, Susan, & James.

Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.

Glennys Holliday

Flynn family

Does any one remember the Flynn family - they lived in the right half of the cottage in Mill St opposite the farm gates. It was the cottage whose front door was never closed 1940 -1945.

Also the three boys [ brothers] of the Flynn family who lived at no 24 Newland St. Let me know if you do. Thanks

Carol Garrett

My name is Carol Garrett. I was born at 40 Hanborough Road Eynsham in 1956, Maiden name was Walsh. My dad’s family are from the East End of London, a re-location family during the war. He met my mother in Eynsham during that time - her name was Mabel Gladys Maud Hedges; her father was Jessie Hedges who was the grave-digger for the church for most of his life.

My Mum lived most of her younger adult life in Eynsham - I believe in the Market Place. She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters - all lived in Eynsham at one time ore another.

Both of my mum's parents are buried in Eynsham, and my dad’s parents are both buried in Cassington grave-yard.

I am trying to gather a family tree, so any help would be welcome.

I live in Deddington which is not too far away.

I have tried many internet sites to locate information with no result, if you could help me in any way I would be very grateful.

Eunice and Arthur Smith

Does anyone have information about Eunice [Emmie] and Arthur Smith - they lived
in Eynsham until 1964 - they had two children Robin and Penelope?

Many Thanks

Chris & Pauline Sampson

Phill Grant


I'm Phill Grant from Australia.

My Forebears came from Eynsham and I was delighted to be able to take a walk along Newlands Street.

Congratulations on the site it's great!

If anyone ever consider doing something on the families of Eynsham, I have done extensive research into the Grants of Eynsham (circa 1560 to the late 1800's) plus the "side line" families. I have the data on my own personal web site.

Phill Grant.

Looking for information on Thomas Huckwell

I am researching my family history and believe that my great grandfather was born in Eynsham around 1811. His name wasTHOMAS HUCKWELL and he married Mary Ann Hewish in Devon, some of his children (maybe all) were born in Cheriton Fitzpaine near Crediton.

Is Huckwell a local name in Eynsham/Oxfordshire ?

If anyone has any information about my great great grandfather or his family I would be really pleased to receive it.

Please contact me by e mail.

Looking for Pat Evans

My name is Lisa Albion and I am from London, Ontario, Canada. My father Ronald Baldock is originally from Kent but now also resides in Canada.

He was in the RAF in WW 2 and for some years later.During his time in the Airforce he met a woman named Pat Evans whom at the time from Eynsham her sisters names were Wendy and Susan. They met in Ankara, Turkey where she was working as a Nanny in 1947, she was 17 at the time.

My father would like to find out about Pat or if anyone knows anything about Pat and/or her family. He would like to contact her and reminisce.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could somehow pass this message on to some of the residents in Eynsham and see if anyone can remember anything. I know this may sound like an odd request but it would mean so much to my dad.

Thank you for your time. Contact me by e-mail .

I hope to hear from you or anyone about Pat's whereabouts for dad. Again, thank you.

Sincerely, Lisa Albion

Paul Power

I remember Steve Flynn as a lively ginger headed lad of my own age group. My family was also bombed out of London, but we were not part of the official evacuation scheme. We arrived in Eynsham in November 1940, and allthough I left the village in 1961, other members of my family still live there.

My name is Paul Power and I used to live at Queen Street corner.


I am tracing my family tree and have just found out, from the 1881 census,
that my paternal Great Grandmother was born 10th April 1855 in Eynsham. She married my Great Grandfather, William Thornicroft and they lived in Napton.

There is no record of the marriage in the Napton Register so presumably they wed in Eynsham. I would be interested to know if there are any records of her birth, baptism marriage etc and to know if Humphriss is a local name. I can only think that they met through travel on the Oxford Canal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Barry Thornicroft

Edward Gordon Ferguson

I am researching my family history. My great grandmother Rebecca Gould was born in Ensham. In 1861 she married an Edward Gordon Ferguson and had four children: Noble, Violet, Daisy (my grandmother), and Edna . On the 1891 census they were residing at 89 Chapel Lane Ensham. Has any one any info in particular on Edward Gordon Ferguson ?

Many thanks.
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