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This section is about community activites - families, helping (getting help and giving help). Click on anything to get more on it.
getting help - grants, Eynsham charities, domestic violence, not-school, sheltered housing, vocational training, homelessness

giving help - volunteering, used printer cartridges, Amnesty Group

friends and families - family trees (how to start, tips and cautions, links to the Mormons, UK Census), contacting friends or relatives, missing persons

Looking Out - West Oxfordshire Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter - click Looking Out, near the bottom of the page

broadband - a round-up of what broadband is already available - and what's in store

local papers - details of Eynsham and also Witney and Oxford papers and local radio

library - details of opening times and services (eg language cassettes, homework, Books on Wheels)

fire -station - vivid website explaining the work and how you can help

Police Office - details of opening times - and non-emergency police number - 08458 505 505

buying or selling a house

links - to other useful Websites - such as winning Lottery numbers, NHS Direct, interesting places around Eynsham, property prices, Yellow Pages

Freecycle - online way of giving thing to people who want/need them instead of throwing them away. You have to join, but it's free and easy