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broadband in Eynsham

There's quite a lot of interest in Broadband in Eynsham - not surprisingly; Broadband means that using the Web is several million times easier and more enjoyable to use (and less irritating) than by way of a conventional phone line (which is what lots of us use). Here's a guide to what's going on.

NTL cable

You probably remember that it was NTL who dug up all our pavements a few years ago. But the plus side is that now almost every house in Eynsham is within a few yards of the cable - which means you can have cable Broadband very easily.

In February, NTL was re-launched as Virgin Media - with lots of new offers and promises. If you're interested in cable, watch out for them.

The way it works is like this: NTL/Virgin Media connects you to the cable and installs a cable modem - and connects it to your computer. Then you pay a monthly fee.

Installation is sometimes on free offer (it isn't always). You'll probably pay less if you get television and/or phones and/or mobiles from NTL/Virgin Media as well. Sometimes you get a month free (again, you don't always).

The downside of NTL has been its service - it has often taken a long time for calls to be answered, and arrangements have often been unreliable. Virgin Media has promised to improve the service.


BT has enabled broadband in Eynsham - more on this at BT's Website.

You don't have to use BT; although you have to get the Broadband through BT; once you're on it, you can use other providers - such as Tiscali, AOL or Plusnet (Tiscali offers a cheaper but slower option).


It's also possible to get a type of Broadband by satellite; you get broadband coming in via the satellite, but anything you send out (eg commands from your computer to get another page) goes out via an ordinary phone line (you have to dial up, and get charged as normal). The cost of installation and the monthly charge are both very high - and for a very second-best service.


Click here for a report on the switch-over to digital TV. It's a 2004 article, but it gives you the picture. Eynsham is in the last batch to be forcibly transferred to digital TV - not till 2012.

more details

Click here for a more detailed account of the various options. Again, an old article, but it sets out the situation clearly.