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Books and pamphlets about Eynsham

Items are arranged in order of decreasing readability - easy reads early in the list grade to real heavy-weights at the end ! Some of the items are out of print, but all should be available in the Eynsham Library and/or in the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies in the Central Library in Oxford.
Martin J.Harris. The Changing Faces of Eynsham, Book 1 Robert Boyd, 1997. 96pp.
Old and new photographs of the village, including streets, churches, rivers, sports, pubs' shops railway, people and events, with extensive captions. Very visual and readable

ditto, Book 2. 1998. 96pp.
More village photographs including church life, schools, football and boxing, remembering the wars and Eynsham carnival.
Very visual and readable

ditto, Book 3. 2002

Alan Hardy. Eynsham: A Village and its Abbey. A handsome, heavily illustrated booklet of 30pp. by an archaeologist.

Mollie Harris. From Acre End. Chatto & Windus, 1982 153pp.
Oral history related by 24 Eynsham inhabitants born in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with 67 photographs which complement those used by Martin Harris (see above)
Easy and entertaining reading

F.B.Atkins [ed.] The Eynsham Record - Eynsham History Group. 1984 onwards An annual publication of about 40 pp. with articles and 'snippets' covering all aspects of the history of the village and parish.
Some articles are more scholarly than others but none are long and all are readable. Villiers. Swinford Toll Bridge 1769-1969. Eynsham History Group 1969 32pp.
The definitive history of the bridge over the Thames, overdue for an updated edition.
Well-researched, but very accessible

Lilian Wright. St. Leonard's, Eynsham. Eynsham Parochial Church Council. 1981 29pp.
The illustrated story of the parish church from its origins in the 12th century, with a list of the first 52 vicars.
Well-researched, but very accessible

Pamela Richards. Eynsham: A Chronicle, Robert Boyd Publications, 2005; 96pp. £5 published under the aegis and with the support of the Eynsham History Group. On sale at £5.00 in various village outlets and at 6 Abbey Street.

Eric Gordon. Eynsham Abbey 1005-1228. Phillimore 1990 186pp.
An account of the first two hundred and most exciting years of Oxfordshire's second most important abbey written before the archaeological work began, and therefore based almost entirely on the written records.
Scholarly, but readable

Alan Crossley [ed.] Victoria County History of Oxfordshire vol.12. O.U.P. 1990. Eynsham is dealt with on pp.98-158.
A heavily researched and highly condensed history with no fewer than 1512 footnotes (mostly references) dealing with Eynsham.
Not intended to be read from start to finish, this is a valuable reference tool. Anyone wanting a topic to research could get any number of ideas here.

G.D.Keevil. In Harvey's house and in God's house: excavations at Eynsham Abbey 1991- 3. Oxford Archaeological Unit. 1995. 46pp.
This monograph is essentially a technical report on the results, as at 1995, of the archaeological digs on the moated site in the fishponds area and in St Peter's churchyard. [Following the completion of the laboratory work on the finds, the definitive monograph is in preparation. More detailed and more up-to-date information is also available on the Web - search for Eynsham Abbey.
A technical account

Alan Hardy, Anne Dodd & Graham Keevill Aelfric's Abbey. This is the definitive report on the 1989-92 excavations. It runs to a heavyweight 636 pp. including 400 Plates, Figs and Tabs. It is Vol.16 in the Thames Valley Landscape series by Oxford Archaeology and is available at £49.95 directly from them or from Oxbow Books (Tel: 241249)

H.E. Salter. The Cartulary of the Abbey of Eynsham (2 vols.). Oxford Historical Society vols. 49 & 51. 1907 & 1908. 441pp. & 422pp.
Transcriptions (but not translations!) of the Abbey records, with extended prefaces and commentaries.
Not for the faint-hearted: the charters themselves are in medieval Latin !

The following is a list of leaflets and booklets on specialist topics, all easy reads.

Jean Sawyer. Our Shop. Published privately. 1977. 20pp.
Personal memories of the family's general store in Newland Street, demolished in the early 1970s.

Anon. Eynsham Morris. Published privately. 2nd edition 1990. 10pp.
The story of Eynsham's famous Morris dancers with a tradition well over 250 years old.

William Bainbridge. Eynsham Cross. Eynsham Parish Council. 1978. 2pp.
The story of the Cross in the Square. Since this was written, the old Cross, being beyond repair, has been replaced by a replica.

Eric Gordon. St Hugh & Eynsham Abbey. Eynsham History Group. 1986. 11pp.
The story of Hugh's election as Bishop of Lincoln at Eynsham Abbey in A.D.1186.

Pamela Richards [ed.]. Do you remember an Inn? Eynsham Junior History Group. 1997. 20pp.
A historical survey of Eynsham public houses.

William Bainbridge. Visible Remains of Eynsham Abbey. Privately published. 1980. 4pp.
Out-of-date except for those stones incorporated in the walls of buildings.