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Artists in Eynsham

Artweek in Eynsham 2009

Artweek in Eynsham this year is Saturday May 1st to Sunday, May 10th.

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Quite a lot of artists live in Eynsham; some make their living from their art, some do it just for fun and don't expect to sell anything. There are painters, digigraphers, potters, stained-glass makers, cabinet-makers, and embroidery artists. Some of the painters are members of the Eynsham Arts Group.

Digigraphy is a way of painting with photographs - and Eynsham may well be the world centre for this new technique. Even if it's not, click here to have a look at some digigraphs.

Eynsham also has a pottery workshop. Currently it's only available to the group of potters who run it, but there are plans to widen access so that lots of people can come and pot. Click here to see some of their work

Several Eynsham artists have their own Website:

Crabapple - a collective of 11 artists (paintings, pottery, digigraphy, jewellery, photography)

Julia Loken

Lorna Marrison

Jane Tomlinson

free downloads of paintings

The Eynsham Community Website is a way of making Eynsham art (or some of it) available to you. Like everything else on the Website, it's free - the artists have given Eynsham one of their works for you to download and/or print if you want. Or you can just browse. But please note that if you do print any of them, they are for personal use only. These pages are currently being re-vamped, so they're not available right now.