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Welcome to Eynsham's Community Website

for people who think that Eynsham is the centre of the world (it is)

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It's amazing how much about Eynsham there is on this Website - to see what there is, go to the Sitemap.

Website closing

Due to the advance of technology (and age), it is no longer possible to keep this Website active. Fortunately, most of the things on it are not time-dependent (like the history of Eynsham's pubs or of Newland Street), so you can still continue to use the Website to find out about Eynsham - it just won't necessarily be right up to date with the latest information. For all the latest and most up-io-date, use the other Eynsham Website - Eynsham online, run by the Parish Council.

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There is another Eynsham Website called Eynsham online, run by the Parish Council. It was originally primarily about the Parish Council (Members, Minutes, Agenda, Newsletter, etc); it now has lot of other material as well, and, importantly, it also contains a continuously updated version of the Eynsham Directory, as well as a detailed Diary. The Community Website (this one) has a large number of links to Eynsham online, and you may find it's an easier website to find your way around - but click here if you want to go direct to Eynsham online.

This, the Community Website, is designed to celebrate Eynsham in a more informal way. You could think of it as the "Fans' Website", complementing the official (Parish Council) site. This site also aims to include, or have links to, almost everything you may want to know about Eynsham, even if, like the Eynsham Directory, it is held on the Parish Council site.

Some of the Parish Council site duplicates this site. But that needn't concern you - wherever something is better, or only, displayed on the Parish Council site, we link you to it.